Garmin Stats (Best Ride) Links Mrs. (im)deebers and (im)deebers 66 Tour de SLC loop  (im)deebers’s Climb up to ALTA and back home  Mrs. & Mr. (im)deebers 44 miles not to many climbs SLC loop  (im)deebers Solo working on his top speed SLC loop  (im)deebers Solo Big Cottonwood climb plus SLC loop 76 Miles  The KEEPER LOTAJA (im)deebers Larsen 2010  Mrs. (im)deebers and (im)deebers Butterfield Loop  (im)deebers's Tour de St. George (100 Miler) ohh no DNF     Rodzilla’s Tour De St. George (75 Miler)  Rodzilla’s Training Ride around SLC (72 Miles)  Mr. & Mrs. Rodzilla’s Training Ride to Fairfield (65 Miles)