Friday, April 8, 2011

She Teases Me….and he who remains nameless, blows.

Who is she? Not Mrs. Rodzilla A.K.A The Red Rider, no the other one; Mother Nature.

The Red Rider

A couple of weeks ago after a couple great rides, I logged into my Garmin Connect Dashboard and set a couple small spring goals. They were as follows:

  1. 300 Miles in 30 Days (300/30)
  2. 30,000 feet of accent in 30 Days (30,000/30) easy to do in Utah as any ride of length is going to rack up vertical climb.
I was pleased with my 10% progress towards those goals (maybe I was over confident, and that is why I am being punished.) even battling Lord Voldemort (sorry readers please refer to the LV entry to understand) Click here: xxx  at 20 – 30 mph gust, I was making progress.

Lord Voldemort. A.K.A He who will remain Nameless
Please don't confuse LV with my favorite Wizard

Last week I even noted the positive observations:
  •  Daylight Savings (More Light at night)
  •  Warmer, warmer, warmer:
  •  Removed stupid booties (who named them that?) from shoes, went to toe covers. (Try stretching those over a size 48 Euro)
  •  Shed thermal jackets, looking for arm warmers,
  •  Lobster Claws to full finger glove, to fingerless
  •  Broke out the short bibs (Nasa’s reported extreme glare located near SLC, Utah)

Then the rain came, it rained or had been forecasted to rain 10 of the last 14 days. Which brings me to a “new beef” with TV News weather reports. I missed out on several commutes to work because the forecast was for rain, only to be sitting at work looking at sunny, ride worthy days and it sprinkled a little at 10:00 AM. I curse you, weather people and I curse you Iphone Apps. Side Note, I have a new app that I now love, see this review here Product Reviews

Finally Karma,
All this rage has taught me that you can’t beat Mother Nature, I have been pushing my luck, tempting fate, and finally slap for my insolence. Woke up to this yesterday to this.......

Okay Mother Nature, forgive me and please return the good weather. We only have 63 days left until our Rockwell Relay (512 Miles, 4 Riders, Moab to St. George), I will be building a shrine to pay respects to the weather gods later today.

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  1. Good call. Mother Nature is acting like a woman going through menopause and taking out her hot flushes and mood swings on her poor husband (that would be, taking it out on the 'Zilla & me). I actually had to shovel 8" of snow off the kid's trampoline Sunday morning. That was April 3rd btw. (im)deebers