Thursday, April 28, 2011

Words of Wisdom from Red Rider


I started out doing Triathlons. It took me three races to realize the following: 

  1.  I rather enjoy swimming in the pool but get me into a murky lake with hundreds of arms and legs flailing around me and I am prone to panic.  :(
  2.  Running without a soccer ball is no fun at all. :(
  3.  Biking makes me smile and I wasn’t half bad at it.  :)
So after surviving three triathlons, my hubby (Rodzilla to you) finally told me that there are, in fact, races that are just for biking. Why didn’t someone tell me that before! 

I’ve had the Dream-cycle for about 3 years now. And somehow, even after several 100 miles of biking, I still feel like a poser. I keep wondering if that will ever go away. Here are a few things I’ve learned along the way:

  1. Always make sure you have your own Rodzilla to bike with on windy days. Cycling with Rodzilla is fun and makes me happy. I’m a lucky girl! The fact that he’s a great wind shield is just the cherry on top.
  2. Bike seats do matter!  As much as I love my Dream-cycle Trek, the seat that came on the bike is a torture device for the lady bits. Who thought a bump on the front of the saddle would be a good idea for ladies (or for anyone for that matter)!
  3. I am my own worst enemy. The mind games are crazy in this sport! 30 miles last year was a dream and this year a reality. 100 miles this year is a dream, which better become a reality later this summer as I go for my first Century race.(Click this for Desperado Duel)
  4. Spandex isn’t as bad as I thought it would be. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not going to see a movie or grocery shop in the tight knickers but as far as cycling goes, you can’t beat it.

Now you know a little about the Red Rider. I’d love to hear lessons learned from other riders. And if you aren’t a rider yet, I’d love to hear your excuses!


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  2. Great post. I love the photos especially the first one that features a Rodzilla-eye-view of, well everything he sees I would imagine. I really like the trail photos too. I'm hoping to cross over with you guys this summer if the mountains are ever free of snow (not today, there's snow flying outside my office window as I write this). Also: "if you aren’t a rider yet, I’d love to hear your excuses!" (Word.)

    PS re: the Desperado century ride? We believe in you. Make the dream real!

  3. I love all the pictures and you are not a poser. If you own a bike you can't be, unless one of your friends crashes on your bike and it doesn't work anymore, but that is only half true so you can't be a poser. You are going to do awesome at the Desperado and with your hubby doing the Lotoja I don't think you will have a choice but to do some very long rides.