Friday, June 3, 2011

Rockwell Relay Time Estimator

Okay so many of you know we are riding the Rockwell Relay Next week. The hot question  seems to be, "when do you think you will finish?" And, "when are you going to be in Panquitch or Cedar City so I can come out and support?"

Or even a couple of my own team mates questions, "Will I need a light, when do I start my leg, and when do I get to sleep, eat, and potty?"

Well rest assured, I am on it!

It took some time, and some code crunching, (Hey don't I have a couple IT guys that can do this?) but here are some estimations. I would like the record to show that Deebers was heard from a far quoting our favorite movie, "This aggression will not" as I posted his 15 MPH Average for his first leg. Sorry Deebs, prove me wrong and I will blog you back some credit. (Gauntlet Thrown)

Why the stupid colors, well as best I could I tried to color coordinate with the official colors below.

And Finally for my constituency here are your individual breakdowns. Now our beautiful wives are having some sort of ladies retreat, and us being great husbands, well we will simply need to check up on them. Just to ensure that aren't missing us to badly. So ladies hide the (fun) cause we will be there Saturday Morning around 7:30 AM, assuming I can get up that great big hill.


  1. Okay, so didn't realize how far this really was. Sounds like a blast, good luck guys!

  2. Aggression indeed. Expect a visit from the deebers collection agency for that blog credit. I'll average better than 15 on that first leg or I'm not deebers*. I'm much more worried about the 3500 feet of climb in 29 miles on my third leg after a night of napping in your truck bed and tinkling in the bushes. If I finish that leg in under 2 hours I should get a medal.


  3. Also, nice job on the spread sheets (are those spread sheets? I don't think I've ever actually been in one).