Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Tour of Utah Final Stage !

W A R N I N G ! ! ! ! ! !
Make sure you Watch the Video at the end

This was the final and hardest Stage of the Tour of Utah, featuring 100 miles with over 10,000 feet of climb. I made a last minute decision to brave the crowds and see if Red rider and I could get up the canyon before they closed it. My back up plan was if we were denied I would find some where along the route and get a quick shot of the the peloton (from French, literally meaning little ball or platoon and also related to the English word pellet), field, bunch or pack whiz by as a blur of colors.

We easily made it up the canyon at around 11:00 with the anticipated finish time around 4:00. We found a nice flat place to park and set up our Canopy at a steep pitch of the road and waited. 

So here we are, Red Rider and I kicking it at the 500 meter to finish mark. Thought we were styling with a great spot, next to some great entertainment from the BCC club (Bountiful Cycling Club) great group btw. They were outfitted with a BBQ, Bike Stand for team mates (not in the race) to park and even a running Penguin.

What I didn't realize is just down the road before the flamme rouge (AKA red kite, or 1 Kilometer to go) there was a full on party. No offense to the Penguin, but you got upstaged. Next year, I will be setting up camp with this crazy group and really enjoying the intermission show. I too will be offering inhospitable foods, such as Cotton Candy, Banana Splits, and Omelets. They need their protein, and I am just here to help.

"Pickle Hand Up!" Next time I want a snack on the road, and have the luxury of having a support vehicle: I will yell out Pickle Hand Ups. (You see I do this from time to time, for example: Road trips, we stop at a gas station, I will yell to Red Rider asking her to get us some Road Beers and Pizza, from the Movie: The Crow)

For those of you who didn't get to attend, I think this event is going to do nothing but get bigger and bigger. I heard that the prize money went from 36k last year to 116k this year. There was a lot to see and do at the finish line and I regretted not taking the kids.

Deebs and I are heavily considering The Ultimate Challenge This one-day, non-competitive ride for serious recreational cyclists is scheduled for Saturday, August 6, 2011. This grueling course follows the very same Park City (Kimball Junction)-to-Snowbird road course that will lay waste to the world's top professional bike racers one week later. It will be an epic day of riding with 10,880 feet of climbing over four major climbs along 96-miles of stunning Utah scenery and twisting descents, giving you the chance to feel like a pro for a day. Click here for more info on Ultimate Challange

Levi, letting him do the work, and letting him have the Stage

Next year will be different,  hope to see you there!!!

From the guys at Roots Culture Connect:
We like our cycling but this ain't Alpe D'Huez, and this ain't the Tour De France, this is the good ole U.S. of A. In the land of wrestling and demolition derby we take a different approach, more of a peanut gallery than a cheering section. In keeping with the traditions of L'autobus we posted up on Little Cottonwood Canyon to take in the Queen Stage of TofU RCC style... bring on the Super Soakers and inhospitable foods 

Tour of Utah - Queen Stage - Wacky Food Hand Ups from Roots Culture Connect on Vimeo.

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