Thursday, August 9, 2012

2013 Cannondale Supersix "The Dark Wing"

Wow, I can't believe I have owned this bike for over a week and have only managed to get in one ride. To my defense I have been trying to get things together at home and at work so that we can take a family vacation. Unfortunately for Red and I and maybe fortunately for the kids this will be a "non-riding" vacation. I want to let the readers know that when I get back it is "GO" time. Keep an eye on Strava upper right widget for proof.

So I unveiled the new bike last week, and after careful consideration I have now dubbed it the "Dark Wing"....uhh or have I. For some reason I thought the Darkwing was a cool batman character, more precisely I thought it was Robin when he grew up. So as I was looking for pictures to show how cool that is when I realize I don't know a darn thing about comic books.

For those comic book guys out there (You know the cast from "The Big Bang") that accidentally get linked here, please feel free to correct my research in the comments section.

In Red's and Rodzilla's DVR queue. Great Series

Side note 
As long as we are talking about superheros I thought I would demonstrate my superpowers. I have the ability to be LAZER FOCUSED while writing blog entries about cycling. I don't remember being bitten by a radioactive spider, or in any gamma radiation, but somewhere along the way, I have gained this unique and incredible power. I actually looked it up to confirm and I found an exact description, "easily distracted by irrelevant stimuli and frequently interrupting ongoing tasks to attend to trivial noises or distractions that are usually ignored by others"

Oh wait, where were we? Oh yea the Darkwing an unnecessary and irrelevant explanation. 


 The original Darkwing was a hero with no powers. He was a member of the Guardians of the Globe and had a sidekick. When Darkwing was killed by Omni-Man, his sidekick became the new Darkwing. This Darkwing had powers that let him enter a completely black realm called the "shadowverse" by walking into shadows. He could use this to approximate teleportation or to trap enemies inside it. He wasn't as good as his predecessor in any sense. He wasn't on his level in fighting ability or in moral fiber. Instead of protecting his city, he became it's dictator. Invincible had to be called in to stop him.

Further research will show that the picture above is actually The Nightwing, but I really do need to move on. From last week's (Link to it here) post containing pictures of the Dark Wing, you should have noticed the crappy water bottle cages. I know horrible, it was a travesty to have even taken that picture and I am sorry for any damage I did to the brand image of the Dark Wing.

Superpowers engaged...again. (this is me demonstrating my super hero type powers)

I am convinced that folks that are specialized Brand, Product, or Marketing types might be up to a very sinister plot. I think they are all working together to put you and I in the poor house. Allow me to demonstrate. Two options of water bottle cages one is priced around $1.99 and the other is not. Which one would you pick?

Yeah their evil people that make cheap stuff look like a basket of crap while at the same time they are super cleaver providing no middle of the road options, they leap from the low end to the high end for a lot more money. Since we are talking about the superhero genre in the post, I dare say they have the ability to to brainwash unsuspecting cyclist into destroying household budgets.

 One other addition that I would like to point out is the K-edge computer mount for garmin. I absolutely love my Garmin 500, and I totally love the mount it came with, very dependable. With the K-edge mount I can extend the Garmin 500 above my handlebars making it much easier to read, and operate. Again unfortunately I can't comment yet on the performance of either accessory until I get some more ride time.

Well okay, I think that is enough for now. Time to sign off, but before I go a couple pictures for your viewing pleasure.

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