Wednesday, April 6, 2011

(im)deebers First Post

So, Rodney aka Rodzilla, got himself a blog site on this interweb thing. He's been pestering me to start one for some time but due to laziness on my part (read: lack of web-tech skillz) I have resisted, though I tend to be a prolific (read: excessively verbose) and engaging (read: lots of obscure movie references and quotes/quips from friends that mean nothing to anybody but me and them) writer. So per agreement I will contribute to the Rodzilla blog until Rodney gets tired of me being the web-publishing equivalent of Uncle Rico


i.e. spending afternoons on his couch, eating all his steak and ruining his life (read: dropping him on every hill climb & then blogging about it later on his personal blog space).

I warned you about the references.

We (the 'Zilla & I) just registered for LOTOJA 2011. It will be his first go and my second. We won't know if we have a spot (about 4000 cyclists want to ride it each year, only @ 1100 are allowed to) until May 3rd, so until then we've been fueling our potential LOTOJA dreams by reading the experiences of other riders that have been posted on their various blogs. I've been entertained and inspired. Especially by those riders whose experience seemed so similar to mine. So (per agreement with my XXL cycling partner/web enabler) I decided to dig up my LOTOJA write-up from 2010. It's long (warned you about that too). So I broke it down in chapters and will post them individually. I/We welcome comments and or critiques unless you are a copyright lawyer come to collect royalties on images borrowed from google images. In that case your beef is with Rodney (his blog) and those Stanford mathematicians that started Google in the first place.

Will talk/blog soon,


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  1. Very Funny Stuff...

    Side note, Uncle Rico is actually my fantasy football Team name and corresponding picture. So now I have two Uncle Rico's in my life...

    PS The XXL reference was being generous I tried on a Castelli Jersey and it felt like a boostia, or at least what I would imagine one may feel like.

    May invest in a Bro---anyone have Cosmo Kramer's email, I think we could make one for male cyclist. Think about cobblestone rides and the jiggle effect....

    All right enough for now.