Sunday, May 15, 2011

3 of 6 and then 5 of 6, but never 6 of 6

No elaborate story this time.......

Matt, im(deebers) and I started out at 6:00 am, we all went up to Wasatch, then deebs had to head into work.

Matt and I continued up Wasatch blvd and climbed up Immigration Canyon to the top. Posed for a quick picture and turned around.

Met the girls on Wasatch and the 5 of us headed back home.

Good ride, I was cooked 64 Miles 3,500 feet of climb
Matt was solid went home and ran 5k with Swedish
Matt admitted that Swedish could have bit him up the hill with his Saxo Banks Tarmac
Which for those keeping track moves me down the of best hill climbers.

All the girls could have gone more but they let the guys get a long one in. (thanks ladies)

LOTOJA is coming quick !!


  1. Emigration is the last (local) canyon on my hit list. Wish I could have stayed and road with you.

  2. Rodzilla...your tongue sticks through your teeth when you smile.....just saying!

  3. That was short and sweet. It was a beautiful day and a great ride. I totally could have beat Swedish Matt up the hill. I just didn't know I should try to. Next time for sure. Someday we will be able to get all 6.