Thursday, May 5, 2011

All is forgiven (It's a Christmas miracle!)

Are Rodzilla & (im)deebers still looking for Christmas? Just as we were both about to give up hope, put away our cold weather early am ride gear and plan on a leisurely cycling experience this summer (fewer training rides, more rides for pleasure & sight seeing) ... The Grinch at Epic Events pulled Christmas back from the precipice on Mt Crumpet and came storming back into Whoville:

Thank you again for your 2011 LOTOJA Classic application. This year's response to our open registration period was at an all-time high so it has taken some extra time to go through each and every application (it also hasn't helped that our web server has been down for the past six days). Whatever our reasons, we simply appreciate your patience and understanding during your wait time.

This email is being sent to inform you that your 2011 LOTOJA application HAS BEEN SELECTED AND YOU HAVE A SPOT IN THIS YEAR'S LOTOJA! We hope you are excited to receive this news!

Please note: this email is NOT your Registration Confirmation (email 2 of 2) because we still need to process your entry and applicable payment. When this step is completed, we will send you your second Registration Confirmation email. We will start this process later today and finish up some time tomorrow -- so expect to see your 2 of 2 email in your Inbox some time before Friday.

We look forward to seeing you in September!

Your Friends at Epic Events

We both received this email yesterday around 1pm. Only 13 tense hours late as it turns out. It's a huge event, there are bound to be glitches, I understand that. The fact that we are both in makes it easier to forget the last 36 hours of angst and anticipation (I'm sure there are about 4500 disappointed cyclists out there who are less inclined to forgive but I can't speak for them).

Time to finish singing our Fahoo Fores and dahoo Dores:

and get back to work. I imagine we will be singing a different tune about 7pm on September 11th. If this year's experience is anything like last year we will both be wishing the Grinch had never brought Christmas back.

Until then:

(People who choose to celebrate festivus in lieu of Christmas aren't required to ride their bikes 206 miles in one day. Something to think about)

talk/blog soon,



  1. Love the post!

    The Human Fund, “ Money for People” takes the cake for me. Has me gigging like a little kid.

    So unlike that crappy sweater mom gave for Christmas there is no taking this “gift” back and trading it in for store credit. This one is a keeper. In addition to the LOTOJA Window Sticker, I figured I will be 32 pounds lighter (16 weeks X 2lbs a week = 32lbs faster), in much better shape and a major bucket list item knocked out.

    I didn’t realize how fortunate I was until I read comments on facebook about people who have tried for 3 straight years to get in and still haven’t managed a winning bid.

    But for the Deebs and I raise your glasses and wish us luck cause we (I) am going to need it.

    PS Why do so many visit the site but very few comment?

    Please comment, so I know your reading and laughing. If you don’t makes me think we are not very funny or entertaining, or informative?

    Even to roast us in good humor fun


  2. It's quite possible that of the 1,134 visitors to this site that you and I are the only ones who think we are funny. I'm OK with that.

  3. You guys are crazy-but crazy is good. You guys will do awesome.