Wednesday, May 4, 2011

LOTOJA Announcement Sorta Like Christmas

Dang, is this a reality? Do these things really happen?

It feels like I am a kid looking forward to Christmas morning for weeks, only to wake up and find that Santa didn’t come (no announcement when promised no later than May 3rd).

I go to ask my parents and they are not in their beds (web site is down)

I go outside to see what is going on and I don’t see any other cars out on the road (Google search what’s the deal LOTOJA no information)

I wonder around through the neighborhood and finally hear a lot of commotion (Facebook LOTOJA Fanpage) as I get closer I hear all the other kids all huddled together (comments from Facebook) asking the same questions with no adult supervision (no official response from LOTOJA)

Worst Christmas Ever….

Santa (LOTOJA proper) better be bringing a really big present to make up for this……Mental Anguish

Tell me about your feelings!

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