Wednesday, May 4, 2011

LOTOJA, What's the deal?

"The suspense is terrible... I hope it'll last."

We are now plus 32 hours (or minus 32 hours per the Rodzilla's countdown clock) which he posted in anticipation of: a second status email will be sent notifying participants no later than May 3rd. Both 'Zilla and I spent yesterday nervously checking our email every hour, then every half hour then every 5 minutes as the day went on with no news. dregger's not riding this year, but Dr. Ivey is and he hadn't heard anything either. I was up last night until there was only 1 hour left of 'no later than May 3rd' and still nothing. I woke to another dark morning with temps in the mid-30s (only thing more frustrating today than an incommunicado LOTOJA are temperatures that make me wonder if I actually live in Minnesota and not Utah) and thought, if I'm not in the field of LOTOJA participants there's no reason for me to be up this early riding my bike in weather this cold.

I'm back at work again, typing with fingers that are still aching from riding for an hour in freezing temperatures and wondering "what's the deal, LOTOJA?"

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