Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Losing Weight through the winter

Oh It’s On ! The Bet.

I thought I would get a jump start on the obvious “New Year’s Resolution” obligatory post. As many of you know I have been going on and on about my weight. If you are a regular reader you will also know that I have too much of it to the point of it being detrimental to my riding ability.
So what am I doing about it you may ask? Well that is the rub; the only thing I am doing is adding to the issue, and then spending too time explaining why I would be such a great rider if I weighed less. Well I think I beat that drum enough. If I have any hope of taking it to the next level in 2012 I need to start now!

I just finished my first ride and the stats were appalling. Take a look at the comparisons. Same ride, same course, the only differences were my being in and out of shape and the weather. I should point out a decrease on my overall avg mph of 4.5 is VERY significant.

My new 2012 motto: Less Talk More Action = Results

Here are some of the things I have implemented (or that have developed) in hopes to motivate me to work out, eat better and ultimately lose weight.

  • Joined a Race Team (Infinite Cycles)
    • My thought track on this idea, was that if I join the team I will be motivated to be in super great shape come spring.
    • Ordered a smaller size race kit, because of course I would be 20 – 30 lbs lighter.
    • I would be surrounded by serious cyclist and I love to fit in, socially and competitively

  • New Equipment 
    • Got a Superfly bike with deluxe carbon fiber deep dish wheels for Christmas
    • I don’t want to be that guy with a pro'ed out bike and and sub par performance. It is like that guy that comes out to play basketball with the $170 Air Jordan’s, matching jersey, and a gold chain with little to no skill. (don’t want to be that guy)

  • Indoor Spin Class
    • Bought a 20 pass to spin class to Kerns Rec Center (been twice in two months)
    • Should be a no brainer, great classes Red will go with me anytime I want.
  • We closed our in house café at work
    • We had a café on site that served the yummiest breakfast burritos, lunches, and fountain drinks, hot chocolates and energy drinks. This unfortunately was recently closed. (this has to help right?)
  • The Bet
    • I have just placed a bet with some new riding friends (deebers & Pickle Juice) on who can drop 35 lbs the fastest.
    •  What are the details? Well I need your help here; does anyone have any interesting ideas on how to make this bet a little more interesting? (Leave Comments) I know you have some ideas...
  • Wrote this blog entry
    • Yea sure, really putting myself out there, embarrassed? Nah not really, just want to get down to race weigh and I am hoping this holds me accountable. Besides I'm not posting pictures.(hey wait, that might be a good idea)
    • Added a weight tracker to your right, to track progress (or lack there of) as well as the graph below.
    • Finally would love your ideas, feedback, encouragement.
  • Future Races / Goals
    • I have three riders depending on me to do my part for a sub 30 hour finish for 2012 Rockwell Relay (Great Race, if you haven't heard about it look it up here on our blog by clicking the link)

  • Health
    • It just makes you feel good doesn’t it?
    • The Fat Cyclist a.k.a. fatty had a good diet idea, eat nothing but avocados and egg whites. 

Well okay, this is it. This is the stake in the sand. The line has been drawn. If you have recently had some success with weight loss I would love to hear your ideas. 

PS: I am writing this blog now, while enjoying some home made chocolate chip cookies. Stop the insanity. 

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