Sunday, January 1, 2012

Week 52 or Week negitive 1

Holiday's kill if you have no determination or will power.

The Bad
Wednesday 12/28 Family Dinner at Goodwood BBQ Ribs (Dad paid so I had to eat big right?)
Thursday 12/29 Dinner with Friends at Faustina's Swedish's birthday Steak, Popcorn, Carmel Apple
Friday 12/30 Dinner with the Family Smorgasbord Danish Holiday Tradition.

The Good
Saturday 12/31 (Three a days) Hit the weights, followed by Spin class, Followed my 20 mile ride

On another note, I sold my rollers today. I plan on taking that money and reinvesting into a stationary bike trainer. Why you may ask? Well depends on who your asking; If you're asking me it was because my bike; at 63cm was to long to sit in the cradle. If you ask my wife, it was because I couldn't go more than 10 minutes with out falling. Additionally I had to use a wall for balance, which took me away from the TV. Wanna know what sucks more than a treadmill? A bike trainer, wanna no what sucks more than that? A bike trainer that isn't in front of a TV. (PS Looking for good deals on used trainers)

Desire, Motivation, Causality:
Consider this Chinese proverb: "The best time to plant a tree is 20 years ago. The second best time is now."

 If I don't really want it, I don't do it. This hit me right in the face over the past few days. As a result something important, not only "Do I want it" but "I want it really badly" We all have lists of things we want, or want to purchase and as I was taking inventory with thoughts of carbon fiber whatevers dancing through my mind of those items for 2012, I realized the single biggest thing I want is 65 lbs off my frame. This realization is a huge mental breakthrough for me. However don't get to excited, Less Talk More Action = Results. And I am short on results, check the Weight Loss Tracker to your right.

It is a New Year, how will you make your Spring Riding weight?
What do you place more stock in, Diet or Exercise?
Our Readers want to know !!


  1. Rozilla,

    There is only ONE way to lose this weight and win your bet. ONLY ONE thing you have to do, starting right now and not stopping until you have lost the weight. What, you ask. Tell me, you say.

    LOG YOUR FOOD. Buy a phone app and log every single bite you put into your mouth. It works, I swear. You are competitive, you will hate to see the numbers that you have eaten 1000 more calories today than you have burned. If you have an Iphone try, MyFitnessPal. It is easy to use. Log your breakfast, log your lunch, log your exercise, log those 12 Jelly Bellys you snuck in. Log that beer. After a week you will see the difference, and as hard as it is, KEEP LOGGING. Yes, you will have to suffer through hunger, but you can do it.

    WIN THE BET! Ride faster uphills!

    Wishing you a successful 2012!

  2. Love the proverb. Love the resolve and delineation of the goals. I love cycling and would do it regardless, but I sign up for events because it gives me a reason to get in shape and stay in shape. Ultimately I don't want to be your fat forty* year old friend, fat forty year old dad or fat forty year old husband. I like the weight tracker and the weekly accountability. When is our official weekly weigh-in? Yesterday after our three-a-day the scale was kind to me, after last night's evening of debauchery? Not so much (and no Michelle I didn't log what I consumed and I shudder to think about it now, will take that advice in the future though. Good tip). It's a new year and a new Rockwell Relay. I've got 6 months to shed 12 (maybe make it fifteen now?) pounds. Let's get to it.


    PS Rodzilla, can you add my name/weights to the sidebar tracker. Accountability and what-not.

    *I'm actually 43 this year, nothing I can do about the calendar but I do get a say in my belt line measurements

  3. Michele,

    Hi Michele

    Thanks for the post, very inspiring. Win the the my goal!

    As for the app My Fitness Pal; I just checked it out 7073 Ratings and 6290 where 5 star ratings. Good enough for me. This looks like my kinda OCD product to track, measure, analyze and track some more.

    Now that you have journeyed to Italy to ride, what are your plans for 2012?

    Thanks again for the TIP!

  4. I lost almost 3 pounds last week with MyFitness Pal. So take heart! It works (of course the biscuits and beer that I had tonight with my chili watching the Rose Bowl will be tough to work off this week).

    My riding goals this year: TOMRV (back to back Centuries in June along the Mississippi)

    That kicks things off right, then to end the summer, 8 days of riding The Blue Ridge Parkway end to end. 469 miles, 45,000 feet of elevation gain. And since I am SO MUCH SLOWER than you... it will take me a lot longer. But I keep plugging away! And it seems like a good goal for the year.

    Have to tell you, we went outside on our bikes for an hour on New Years Eve IN CHICAGO... there was no snow, we flew up the lakefront. I was euphoric, it was 45 degrees and sunny. After about a 1/2 hour the euphoria faded and it started to get cold but damn that was fun!

    Log your food... and I'll keep checking on you.