Monday, December 17, 2012

Season Wrap Up 2012

Well we are finally coming to an end of another great season. Looking back on the year I can certainly summarize the difference between 2011 & 2012. In a word, "LOTOJA"

Training for LOTJA certainly was cause to add miles in 2011. I guess lesson learned is that I need goals to motivate me to ride more. I know in 2012 I focused more on climbing then distance. Electing to drive to the mouth of the canyons versus ride to them. You can see below that the average Elevation can was 131 feet more than the previous year, hardly seems noticeable

Well 2013 will certainly have plenty of personal fitness goals as well as goals specific to the bike. (Stay tuned for what those will be)

Count: 85 Activities
Count: 170 Activities
Distance: 1,566.18 mi
Distance: 2,948.06 mi
Time: 114:59:23 h:m:s
Time: 185:36:27 h:m:s
Elevation Gain: 85,492 ft
Elevation Gain: 148,799 ft
Avg Speed: 13.6 mph
Avg Speed: 15.9 mph
Avg HR: 145 bpm
Avg HR: 141 bpm
Calories: 97,575 C
Calories: 168,033 C
Avg Elevation Gain: 1,006 ft
Avg Elevation Gain: 875 ft
Max Speed: 62.8 mph
Max Speed: 56.2 mph

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  1. What did you use to come up with your annual totals?